Hi, I'm Makayla 

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One of my biggest beliefs is that life is a synonym for art. It’s found all around us. In my 23 years of living I see it every day in the big and little moments. I grew up with a big family so I see the beauty in the way a child hugs their mom extra tight. Or how a soft kiss and a 3 hand squeeze can say I love you. Time never seems to slow, but documenting it lets you hold onto fleeting moments forever.

My theory is every life is painted in different colors and has its own way to tell a story. So it's my honor to capture your authentic moments.  Lucky me I get to help you create not only the moments that will live on your wall, films that play like a movie in your mind, but also be imprinted in your heart. 

I’m here to laugh with you, cry with you, and give you space to come as you are.. So let’s have some fun and get a little vulnerable! Cheers to all you beautiful souls and the magic we’re about to create.

All my loved ones call me Kayla. I’ve lived Utah and Mexico back and forth my whole life. My biggest roles model is my Momma, shout out to you Mona Lisa Bustillos! I love sappy love songs, loud laughing over cup of coffee conversations, and living as if my life’s a movie. 

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